Life360 Places

In this role I lead the Engagement team as a product manager to an exciting discovery with Places.

the problem

User registration was growing, but early retention numbers remained soft. 

Company:  Life360

A location sharing mobile app for families

Role: Senior Product Manager

Tasks: User research, wireframes, interaction design and A/B testing

the discovery

Within days of taking over the Engagement team I discovered a few factors that had a high correlation with retention. One of those was geofence creation amongst account creators. Those without Places had a significantly lower retention than those with Places. By comparing  the drop in D1 retention I discovered a major drop in place creation back in September.

going back in time

I immediately looked through release notes, change logs and the app store to find out what was released at that time, but unfortunately there were no strong clues. I asked other team members, but no luck. We also had little tracking implemented, especially between registration and activation. So instead I decided to go find builds released around that time, install them and create new accounts to help determine the cause.

Ah Ha!

After going through dozens of app versions I found the culprit. There was a significant change in the user onboarding after account creation. The main difference were overview screens intended to education users about inviting family and places. 


My main assumption about what caused the drop in place creation was the overview screens for invites and place creation. So, I put together a few quick mockups and hypothesis for the A/B test. 


Success! We shipped the A/B test the next week and validated removing the overview screens led to higher place creation per new account as well as higher D1 retention with 95% confidence. 

Since this project, I continued to lead the team through several other initiatives around Places. Places is now the more popular features inside Life360.