Postmates Concept Design

Postmates is a very useful service, but there are some areas that I keep tripping over when I try to use the app. 

Each time I open the app, I'm confused by the navigation. Am I looking at nearby places, home or favorites? The icon selected states seem to be the main problem in my opinion.

Lastly, some of the UI and navigation could use a refresh. There are many pages that have multiple paths. This is not always a bad thing, but it feels redundant in this app, especially with the hamburger menu. I'm a fan of keeping the hamburgers on the menu and out of the navigation :) #nerdjoke


  • Improve affordances on the top bar navigation.
  • Limit the redundancy between the menu and top bar navigation.
  • Make the app feel more up to date, particularly for iOS7.


Company:  Postmates*

An on-demand local delivery app.

*I have no professional relations with that company ;)